Pictures and photos
with motifs from the works of Kenji Miyazawa.

Images from Kenji Miyazawa's "The Restaurant of Many Orders"
Stencil-dyed picture postcards by Samiro Yunoki

In his introduction to "The Restaurant of Many Orders", Kenji explains,
"My stories are inspired by the rainbows, the moonlight,
and other such things I encountered down in the woods,
out in the meadows, and along the railroad tracks."

"The Restaurant of Many Orders" was issued in 1924
by Kogensha, a publishing house that Kenji himself named.
It is the only collection of Kenji's tales
that was published during his lifetime.
These picture postcards are my attempt
to convey the serenity and fantasy of Kenji's world.
--Samiro Yunoki describing his work.

Night in the Oak Forest

Acorns and Wildcat

The Origin of
the Deer Dance

The Forestman in April

The Restaurant
of Many Orders

Electric-Light Poles
in the Moonlight

Mieko Yuki
(PHOTO/CG : Makoto Igarashi)
published by Heibonsha

Gorsch the Cellist

The Fire Stone

Matasaburo of the Wind

Giovanni and Campanella

Bird Catcher


Interview with Mieko Yuki

Photos by Hiroshi Oshima

The Origin of
the Deer Dance

A Refractive Index

Koiwai Farm in Winter

Recollections of Kenji Miyazawa's Pupils:
"With a hop, Mr. Miyazawa would flit through the air with a loud 'ho-hoo!'"

A photo collection by Hideo Shiobara,
pubulished by Shizenshoku Tsushinsha

Haruji Fujiwara

Yozaemon Kawamura

Tasuku Gonaikawa
Tadao Sawada

Toshio Nagasaka

Yasushi Terui

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